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At Tilton we strive to ignite a passion for the arts in each of our students!  All students have opportunities to gain unique experiences in the visual and performing arts. 
You will have the flexibility to take part in a theater production as a member of the cast or technical crew, or you might consider joining one of the school's instrumental or vocal ensembles.  Studio artists can participate in ceramics, drawing, painting or portfolio work.  If you are passionate about photography you can take classes to explore digital imagining, or maybe you’d like to try your hand at filmmaking.  Graphic artists can refine their skills or learn new ones in our state-of-the-art lab.  Pre-professional experiences are integrated in the production of the student publications (newspaper, Yearbook or literary magazine) and are available to students as an afternoon activity for one season or as a yearlong commitment for those looking for greater immersion. 
Students with a passion for the arts also have the opportunity to apply for an Individual Learning Experience (ILE). This is an opportunity for you to independently pursue an area of special interest that may or may not be available during the academic class day. Students will often use this opportunity to work on a portfolio for applications to college art programs.  Twice each year the Art Department hosts on-campus art shows, and there are numerous avenues for students to display their vocal talents.  Students also annually submit award-winning work to local and state art shows.
At Tilton we meet the needs and interests of our students, and the arts are an area in which you can explore your interests and possibly discover something new about yourself.  We believe that there is a creative side within each of us.