The following schedule of tuition and fees applies to the 2016-2017 school year. Families can anticipate an increase for subsequent years.
Boarding Day
Tuition $57,200 $32,875
Enrollment Deposit - The deposit is non-refundable and credited toward the first tuition payment. Financial aid recipients pay 20 percent of the tuition balance, rounded to the next highest $100. $11,440 $6,575
Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) - The plan is optional for payment Plan A and required for Plans B and C. TRP is an insurance plan that protects a portion of the unused tuition in the event that a student leaves the School prior to the end of the academic year because of dismissal or withdrawal. Refunds from TRP first address any outstanding balance a family may have with the School. For more information click here. $2,402 $1,381
International Fee - This fee is for all students whose principal address is outside the United States and Canada. It covers special expenses incurred in communicating and assessing the needs of international students. $1,425
Textbooks and required school supplies (day and boarding students) Approximately $750 Approximately $750

Center for Academic Achievement Fees

Reading/Writing (1:1) $5,900
Time Management & Organization (2:1) $5,200
Math Support (2:1) $5,200
SAT Prep $2,200
CAA Support for International Students (4x per week): $9,000
    -College Writing & Communications  
    -Integrated Language Studies  
 CAA Support for International Students (2x per week):  $5,200
    -Integrated Language Studies

ESL Fees

English language learners can also receive support through our academic program. The cost is $9,000 (per course) and integrated within the academic schedule:
  • ESL 1 (Intermediate) 
  • ESL 2 (Advanced)

Tuition Payment Plans

List of 3 items.

  • Plan A

    Families may elect to make full payment of tuition fees by July 1. For these families, a Tuition Refund Plan (TRP - see below) is optional.
  • Plan B

    Families preferring a two-payment plan may elect Plan B. Plan B provides this schedule of payments through FACTS Management Services. This two payments are due by July 1 and November 1. Under this plan, participation in TRP is required.
  • Plan C

    This plan provides a schedule of 8 payments beginning in May and concluding in December. Plan C provides this schedule of payments through FACTS Management Services. Participation in TRP is required. This plan is not available for international families.

Tuition Insurance and FACTS Management

For more information on TRP click here and for more information on FACTS Management Services click here.