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Tilton is committed to the belief that good schools have the responsibility to set high standards and then do everything in their power to help students reach those expectations. Thus challenge and support are two key elements of the academic program.


We challenge students academically with appropriately high standards and a rigorous student-centered curriculum that requires them to be active participants in their learning. Classroom activities call on students to be effective critical and creative thinkers, to integrate separate disciplines and to explore the larger moral, spiritual, and ethical questions of their work.


We support student learning by being clear about standards or learning objectives, by being unfailing advocates for students and by providing a structured and supportive learning experience.


We are clear about learning objectives by designing an intentional curriculum around standards for knowledge and skills that are based on essential goals for 21st century learning.


We show students we are advocates by conveying three messages on a consistent basis: "This work is important; you can do it; and we will help you."


We structure the learning experience through clear expectations and consistent attention to student needs ensuring that the program's design supports learning.

Knowledge and the Five C's
The academic curriculum at Tilton School creates a place of learning for the 21st century that takes into purposeful account what and how Tilton students will learn. Following the work of the national educational research consortium, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, the School challenges students to demonstrate, through authentic performance, the integration of skills, knowledge and understandings in the domains we refer to as Knowledge and the Five Cs.

Skill Domains: The Five Cs
[ Communication ]
[ Critical Thinking ]
[ Community ]
[ Creativity ]
[ Character ]

Knowledge Domains: The Academic Disciplines
[ English Language and Literature ]
[ History and the Social Sciences ]
[ Mathematics ]
[ Physical and Natural Sciences ]
[ World Languages ]
[ The Arts ]

In these ways we prepare students for college and for a successful and fulfilling life by ensuring that they develop the skills and knowledge they will need to be self-directed learners, confident of their abilities, enthusiastic about learning and actively engaged in their communities.