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Beyond the academic requirement in art, all Tilton students have opportunities to gain significant experience in creative and cultural arts. Students have the flexibility to take part in a theater production as a member of the cast or technical crew, or they might join one of the School's instrumental or vocal ensembles (jazz band, stage band, a cappella or chorus). A student might work for one of the School's student publications (newspaper, yearbook or literary magazine), or a student may participate in any number of special creative and cultural events and activities throughout the school year. Students may also participate in after-school art activities during the fall and winter seasons.


Some students elect to do an ILE (Individual Learning Experience) in the arts. To do this, students must apply to the Director of the +5 program, and the application must be approved by the +5 committee. This is an opportunity for students to independently pursue an area of special interest that may or may not be available during the academic class day. Often students will use this opportunity to work on a portfolio for applications to college art programs.


At Tilton, we try to meet the needs and interests of our students, and the arts are an area in which they can explore their interests and possibly discover something new about themselves.