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The Mastery Approach

All schools teach through content-driven courses. But Tilton goes further, pushing students to learn essential skills, encouraging them to explore areas of self-discovery, and building a strong sense of self through grade level programing. We call our program the Mastery Approach.

Throughout our program, in classrooms, studios, and laboratories—in dormitories and even on the playing field—Tilton students are encouraged to choose the path that is most engaging and exciting for them. The Mastery Approach represents the very best in curriculum design, and it allows us to unlock the unique learning potential of each Tilton Student.

Personalized Learning

While the Mastery Approach outlines the core of our program and provides significant opportunities for students to direct their own learning, Tilton believes deeply that each student is different. We've designed our program to ensure that each individual can receive the opportunities and support they need to unlock their true potential:

  • The Center for Academic Achievement (CAA). The CAA provides extra talent, time, and attention to ensure that each student is able to achieve their learning objectives, no matter their particular strengths or challenges. At Tilton, we believe in every student's individual potential, and the CAA helps us meet students where they are.
  • Standards Based Grading. Tilton uses standards-based grading, so assessment is consistent from teacher to teacher. As a result, students focus on their learning objectives, rather than trying to decipher the subjective preferences of any individual teacher. Our grade books stay open all year, so students aren't judged by their performance on a particular quiz or assignment—on whether they had a good or bad week—but rather on how much they've learned, how much they've grown, and how much they've achieved over the entire duration of their coursework. 
  • Independent Learning Experiences (ILEs). We love it when a student's quest for deeper learning leads them beyond the confines of our formal academic program. 
  • Mastery Transcript Options. As a founding member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium, Tilton is looking to the future of educational assessment. Already we offer our students the option of using a Mastery Transcript when applying to college—if it fits their needs and educational goals. We feel that traditional grades, traditional transcripts, and standardized testing don't always provide our students the best opportunities for presenting themselves, and the "digital portfolio" concept behind the Mastery Transcript can be a better option for some. 


A personalized education begins with truly knowing our students (and helping them to know themselves). By establishing an understanding of each student’s abilities, talents, skills and interests our powerful, personal advisory system is able to determine how best to engage students in their own process learning. 

College Counseling

With personalized attention, a counseling program that spans all four years of high school, and experienced, well-connected counselors on staff, Tilton's College Counseling Office brings talent and experience to ensure that your student is able to identify their own "best fitting" college and successfully gain admission.



Jamie '20

For the first time ever, I feel like I am at the center of my education. Each and every faculty member devotes their time to you and your growth which truly pays in full. If you are ever in need of help, of any kind, there is never a shortage of people to come to your aid.

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