Essential Skills

At Tilton, we teach our students five Essential Skills, and we ask our students to demonstrate these skills in areas of Self-Discovery that span our entire program—encouraging students to take ownership of their own learning in way that will serve them in college, career, and beyond.

builds understanding

Inquiry looks beyond easy formulations of a problem and easy solutions. It seeks out multiple data types, looks at things from multiple angles, and thinks critically about the role bias in the interpretation of facts and the formulation of opinions.

uncovers possibility 

Creation is about generating solutions to address needs and opportunities—through empathy, analysis, ideation, and iteration.  

generates meaning 

Communication involves moving an audience toward understanding or action through the variety of media available to us.Reciprocally, communication also engages in active listening to understand the ideas shared by others.  

develops perspective

Mindfulness is the set of intentional practices to develop self-awareness and understand one's connection to the larger community and environment.

fearlessly embraces the new  

Play engages the world for curiosity’s sake, for the purpose of trying something new, without fearing the consequences. Play is our word for pure research, for raw experimentation, for harmless trial and error. 

The Tilton Mastery Approach invites students to demonstrate their growth in these five Essential Skills by creating artifacts from each of the areas of Self-Discovery, including from within our unique Grade Level Programming. Each students’ interests, passions, goals, beliefs, and strengths are reflected in the paths they choose--in the interests they choose to pursue.