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Grade Level Programming

Grade 10: Community

The learning theme of the 10th Grade Ignite Program is Discovery of Community, with the essential questions being What is Community? and What is Our Role Within a Community?
Students in the Ignite Program are encouraged to orient their thinking, research, questions, and discoveries toward the goal of understanding how their individual actions make a difference in both local and global communities.

The key elements of this learning theme are:
  • An Integrated Academic Program
  • A Community-Driven Residential Program
  • Tilton School and Local Community-Building Projects
  • Development of an in-depth personal profile
The goal of the 10th grade Ignite Program is to help students find their place and role within local communities and eventually in the global community. This is achieved through integrated academic and grade-level programming. Throughout the course of the year students will actively participate in community-needs assessments to create community-building events both at Tilton School and within the local community. At the end of the year, each student will create and run their own signature event, using the skills and knowledge gained from their earlier community event experience. Students will reflect on each step of the process to create a profile that will carry them into their 11th grade Dive year.
Twice a week throughout the year, grade 10 students will participate in grade-level programming days. Monthly they will engage in large-group opportunities off and on campus. Those events include:
  • A ropes course
  • Visiting intentional living communities
  • The Sandwich Fair
  • Partnering with a local organization to plan an event
  • Planning of a Tilton School Halloween event
All sophomores also work one-on-one with the College Counseling Office to discover their interests and skills in order to pursue their goals at a higher-level institution.

Sample Program of Study

English 10, Honors English 10 (pre AP) or ESL if needed
Mathematics course at the appropriate level (Geometry, Algebra 2, PreCalculus or Calculus)
Biology (if not taken in grade 9) or
Conceptual Physics;
Chemistry, only after Biology and Physics
Modern World History & Geography or Honors World History
World Language
Spanish or French 2 or 3 at appropriate level
Any course in the studio or performing arts; one or both semesters