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Grade Level Programming

Grade 11: The Common Good

The learning theme of the 11th Grade Program is Development of Ethical Thinking & Active Citizenship, with the essential question being What is the Common Good?
While active monitoring and support of student progress continues to be an important element of all educational programming at the school, the extent and intensity of this activity is intentionally lessened during the junior as the student develops greater confidence and independence as a learner and greater personal maturity in all aspects of school life.

In addition to the academic and residential programs, there are two main components of the 11th grade year: 
  • The Ethical Essay Project
  • Dedicated Time Weekly for College Counseling
The culminating academic program is the Ethical Essay Project, designed to deepen student self-awareness through engagement in a curricular task designed to address “the heart as well as the head.”  As part of the modest writing project, students are asked to consider the All-School Question, “What actions must we take, individually and collectively, to create a community of respect and civility, justice and empathy” and tie it into a topic of the student’s choice - one that is an issue of personal relevance and allows the student to examine the ethical ramifications at play.

Often times, it is the Ethical Essay which will serve as starting point for a student’s college essay, as it is during the winter of a student’s junior year when they begin weekly work with a member of our College Counseling Office

Sample Program of Study

American Literature or Honors American Literature or AP English Language

Ethical Essay is required
Integrated Math 3 (Algebra 2) or PreCalculus (Integrated or Formal) or Calculus
Chemistry orAdvanced Chemistry  (Physics or Biology if not yet complete; science electives if all core science courses are complete)
American History or Honors American History or AP American History
(Senior elective course with permission for a new Junior who has taken an American History course)
World Language
Spanish or French 3 or appropriate level by placement test
Recommended for college admissions
Any course in the studio or performing arts; one semester or both