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Grade Level Programming

Grade 12/PG: The Global Community

The learning theme of the 12th Grade & Postgraduate Program is Development of a Framework for Ethical Thinking, with the essential question being What is my role as a citizen of the global community?
There are three major components to a student’s senior/postgraduate year:
  • The Senior Oratory
  • The Senior Capstone Inquiry
  • Completion of College Counseling
The Senior Oratory, coordinated through our English Department, is often a hallmark of a student’s Tilton Experience.  This oral-based project culminates with a student presenting a 5-7 minute reflection of their choosing to an audience made up of the school community.  Oratories often center around self-discovery or self-identity and disclose an element of a student’s life not otherwise known to their peers.  Tilton graduates are prepared to enter higher education as informed and skilled communicators.  

The Senior Capstone is based on work of the senior-level Social Science courses and requires focused reading, active research, analysis and intellectual inquiry.  Students select a topic of to further explore, with that work culminating in a written paper and gallery-style presentation to the community each May.

During this year, students also continue to meet weekly with College Counselors to continue discussions on college possibilities, the application strategy, essay approaches and, finally, selection.  

Interested in a Postgraduate Experience?

Each year 15-20 students join the senior class as postgraduate students. This highly-selective program admits students each year on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to a transitional year and on their personal profiles of individual strengths and talents. These students partake in all commitments related to the 12th Grade Program. For specific information on being a postgraduate, please contact our Admission Office at admissions@tiltonschool.org.

Sample Program of Study

World Literature or Honors World Literature or AP English Language or AP English Literature
Writing Workshop
Senior Oratory is required
PreCalculus or Statistics or Calculus or AP Calculus or AP Stats or Multivariable Calculus
Strongly recommended 4th year of Math
Biology (if not in Grade 9) or Physics (Conceptual or AP 1/2); Chemistry only after Biology and Physics
Optional after core requirement
Senior Social Science Elective course
AP Social Science / History course
Capstone Inquiry Process is required
World Language
Advanced level language study in French and Spanish, or new language study (Russian, Japanese, Mandarin)
Any course in the studio, new media or performing arts; one semester or both