We encourage our students to seek their own questions, but we help them along the way.

Tilton's personalized approach encourages each student to ask and answer: What do I knowWhat am I good at? and what does the world need? In response, our personal, attentive faculty provides guidance in many forms:

  • College Counseling forges a deeper relationship with students through frequent meetings. 
  • Independent Learning Experiences allow students to pursue their passions, for credit, using the extensive resources of campus and under the close guidance of supportive and engaging faculty.
  • Advisory Groups are at the center of the Tilton Experience.  Advisors are the "first call" for students who need help, and they serve as the primary contact for parents and families too.
  • Growth > Grades. At Tilton, we believe that grades shouldn't be used to judge students, but rather to coach them. Standards Based Grades (no letter grades!), covering both Academic Achievement and Habits of Mind provide students with critical insights on their own education. Our open gradebooks mean students always have an opportunity to learn more. 
  • Academic Support through the Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) offers another level of support to students. Targeted, personal, and attentive, the CAA can help students turn struggles into triumphs. 

We believe that when adolescents become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, learning is more meaningful to them: a personalized experience awakens a drive to know more.

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