Students and faculty sitting side by side on a court

One of the most celebrated and valued aspects of a student’s Tilton experience is the quality of relationships between students and faculty.

At Tilton, our students live and learn with the faculty and staff, and the advisor shares in a partnership with the student and his or her family. The relationships between students, their parents and their advisor are at the center of the Tilton experience.

The advisor encourages open and honest dialog and provides an effective and engaging means of structure, guidance, and support. Advising encompasses everything from creating a strong academic plan with the Guided Program of Study to navigating the challenges of learning and growing as an adolescent.

Kyle '20

I feel supported at Tilton like never before. Whether it's my coach putting in the time to work on my basketball skills individually or a teacher challenging me to express myself in new ways, I know that they put me in the best position to be successful. At Tilton, I feel like I could turn any corner and find someone who cares about my well-being.

The advisor's two main responsibilities are helping a student through all facets of their experience and communicating regularly with parents. The advisor is the primary point person for questions, concerns, or for that extra “Tilton push” to get to the next level. Typically, each faculty advisor works with several advisees and meets with them both individually and regularly as a group. Some meetings will have a scripted agenda requiring completion of a task, while others may be less formal. Advisee groups often dine together and spend time in a social setting.

Home Night, a long-standing tradition at Tilton, is a time for advisors to spend time with advisees in a more relaxed setting, to share a meal, and build relationships. Take a look at an overview of Home Night in the video below.

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