Assessing Growth

Tilton School teachers, coaches and residential staff commit themselves to providing honest, timely and thorough feedback on student work. Honoring student work with our time, attention and expertise, we build strong student-teacher relationships. 

Essential Skills, Areas of Self-Discovery, and learned outcomes

Communication, Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Creative Engagement, Innovation and Design Thinking, and Mindfulness are the essential skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world. Practice of these skills are threaded through all aspects of The Mastery Approach.

At the core of the Mastery Approach is a process of profound individualized active self-discovery, a learning journey for each student that is tailored to each students’ interests, passions, goals, beliefs, and strengths. Active self-discovery is built on the foundation of six pillars of deeper learning: Exploration, Partnerships, Community, Intensives, Wellness, and Academics. These areas of self-discovery provide an opportunity for our students to utilize their skills and knowledge that have depth and purpose in their educational journey preparing them for a world marked by diversity and change.

The Essential Skills are investigated through the Areas of Self-Discovery and are demonstrated by students in the Learned Outcomes. Learned Outcomes serve as the basis for evaluation are are illustrated in each student's portfolio.

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