Center for Academic Achievement

Helping students realize their full potential.

The Center for Academic Achievement provides a skill-based program directed toward helping students achieve their greatest potential and become independent learners. This is an individualized model of service appropriate for students whose learning styles require one-on-one or small-group attention. The program offers academic support services, provided by experienced teachers with specialized training, that goes beyond the extra help available in the academic program. 

The Center’s sessions are scheduled throughout the academic day as part of the student’s daily schedule. CAA is not a study hall, but school assignments and projects often provide the focus and starting point for skill development and confidence building. Whether a student just needs some extra support with study skills, wants to improve his/her writing skills, or has a diagnosed learning challenge, the CAA provides the academic supports necessary to assist students in meeting their personal goals and the goals of the Tilton curriculum.

Our approach is not one size fits all.

Prior to a student’s enrollment in the Center for Academic Achievement, their learning needs are assessed, and an individualized learning plan is developed with instructional methods that are most effective for their particular learning characteristics. Learning sessions go beyond instruction by empowering students to be advocates for themselves because students who gain and develop a greater understanding of their own needs also gain the confidence needed to recognize their own abilities. 

Student enrollment in the CAA is based on the recommendation of parents, teachers, advisors, the Academic Dean, the Admissions Committee and the Director of The Center for Academic Achievement. The additional fees for the Center for Academic Achievement services is determined by the number and type of learning sessions provided.

The help and support I have received at Tilton are unparalleled to anything that I have experienced before. My confidence increased which translated to success in the classroom because of the help and support I received. I was able to succeed this year because the teachers at Tilton gave me a sense of security and comfortability.

- Jagger '20

The CAA is staffed with highly qualified faculty to help students learn about their own individual strengths and challenges, as well as to help students develop a plan to set goals, improve skills and habits, and become better self advocates. CAA teachers help students develop skills in such areas as time management, organization, listening, note taking, reading comprehension, writing, and test skill strategies. In addition to these skills, the mathematics tutors offer minimal remediation in basic math skills. CAA teachers strive to encourage students to become independent thinkers and advocates for their education.

Comprehensive Academic Skills Support

The most intensive level of individualized support, this program meets four times a week to enable consistent practice and generalization of skills.  Students will meet with a highly qualified CAA teacher in no more than a 2-1 student/teacher ratio. Sessions are highly structured and tailored to individual student needs. The focuses of this program can be reading and writing, math support, and/or time management and organization, depending on student need. Teachers utilize core class materials and supplemental materials to review/preview concepts; develop vocabulary and reading and writing skills or mathematical skills;  practice time management, organization and study skills;  and generally support all academic and learning skill development, as well as  self advocacy skills.

All CAA fees provide for the following standard services:

  • Individualized scheduling
  • Student groupings if needed by similar skill level and learning needs
  • Tutorial sessions as part of a regular daily schedule
  • An individualized learning plan and a record of daily work
  • Assessment of student learning style and teaching of student self-advocacy
  • Regular contact with classroom teachers and advisors
  • Communication with parents by email or phone
  • No-fee drop-in assistance at any time, depending on staff availability
  • Access to all learning and technology resources of the CAA facility, including study rooms, computers, learning aids and classroom texts
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Peer Tutoring and Drop In Assistance

The CAA helps to support the learning of all students at Tilton School by offering more informal support programs, including the Peer Tutoring program, which is coordinated through the CAA. CAA staff match students who need subject specific tutoring with volunteer peer tutors who have shown strong academic achievement in that subject area. Students meet once or twice a week, depending on need.

The CAA also operates a drop-in support system for students who just have a quick question or need some quick guidance from a faculty member. The CAA is open one period per day, depending on availability of staff, during which a student can drop in for extra help. The drop-in program is meant as temporary, quick support, and does not take the place of any of the specialized programs.

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