Grade Level Programming

At Tilton School, we believe we do more than just educate, we ignite a passion for lifelong learning. 

At the very core of this belief is an integrated teaching approach that is both cross-discipline and grade-specific. Grade Level Programs bring teams of teachers and students together to solve problems, think deeply and work together to navigate their world with character and vision.

Each grade level culminates with a significant performance moment in which students demonstrate in authentic ways the skills and knowledge that they have mastered during the course of the year.

We design learning opportunities in and out of the classroom for students to not only learn but transfer that learning in a context they are unfamiliar with (Areas of Self-Discovery). It is imperative we coach our students to respond in alignment with their values, knowledge, and skills to situations they have not encountered before.

- Shannon Parker, Director of Innovation and Teaching

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9th-Grade (Forge)

Learning Theme: Self-Discovery
Essential Questions: Who Am I? Who Do I Want to Become?

Students in the Forge Program are provided opportunities for engaged learning, discovery of Essential Skills, and the practice of study habits. It is a foundation on which to build on throughout the rest of their academic career.

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10th-Grade (Ignite)

Learning Theme: Discovery of Community
Essential Questions: What is community? What is our role within a community?

Students in the Ignite Program are encouraged to orient their thinking, research, questions, and discoveries toward the goal of understanding how their individual actions make a difference in both local and global communities.

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11th-Grade (Dive)

Learning Theme: Development of Ethical Thinking and Active Citizenship
Essential Questions: What is the common good?

While active monitoring and support of student progress continues to be an important element of all educational programming at the school, the extent and intensity of this activity is intentionally lessened during the junior as the student develops greater confidence and independence as a learner and greater personal maturity in all aspects of school life.

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12th-Grade and Postgraduates (Launch)

Learning Theme: Development of a Framework for Ethical Thinking
Essential Question: What is my role as a citizen of the global community?

Utilizing one’s knowledge, talent, and skills empowers students to positively participate in and contribute to a global society in which they are uniquely positioned to lead.

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