The Dive program

Learning Theme: Development of Ethical Thinking and Active Citizenship

Essential Question: What is the common good?

While active monitoring and support of student progress continues to be an important element of all educational programming at the school, the extent and intensity of this activity is intentionally lessened during the junior as the student develops greater confidence and independence as a learner and greater personal maturity in all aspects of school life.

The Dive program helps students to develop the skills and habits necessary to discover, cultivate and align with their “why”. By providing opportunities that combine practical skill building and individualized experiences with honest self-reflection and personal discovery, students gain greater self-awareness and independence as they grow as learners and discover what matters to them.

Elements of the Dive program include:

  • A professional skills workshop;
  • An opportunity to get hands-on experience in a field of the students choice in a two-day job shadow;
  • Participation in a mock job fair;
  • Visits to college libraries;
  • And outdoor experiences focusing on self-reflection and discovery.

During the winter of a student’s junior year is when they will begin weekly work with a college counseling advisor.

Rather than thinking 'I want to be a lawyer', we’re getting students to think ‘I'm interested in learning about equity and justice, and how we build a more equitable world.’ Rather than the focus being on the 'thing' or the title, we focus on the essence of the experience.

- Megan Killigrew, English Faculty

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