12th-Grade and Postgraduate

the launch program

Learning Theme: Development of Ethical Thinking and Active Citizenship

Essential Question: What is my role as a citizen of the global community?

Utilizing one’s knowledge, talent, and skills empowers students to positively participate in and contribute to a global society in which they are uniquely positioned to lead.

There are four major components of the Launch program:

  • The Legacy Project
  • Seniors Helping Seniors
  • Design work around life skills
  • Completion of college counseling

The Legacy Project is a student-selected exploration of a topic which results in a significant piece of work. The project is an opportunity to synthesize past learning and push students to a deeper learning and possible new direction. The Mastery Approach to this project allows students to use a variety of skills in the areas of writing, speaking, research, and documentation.

Upon completion the Legacy Project, students have learned more about their topic, their community, and most importantly their potential.

Launch gives students the opportunities to explore outside the classroom and figure out how they fit in the greater world. It’s a great moment to show what they can do and what they know.

- Kate Saunders,
Assistant Head of School

The exploration of college programs and the world around our students during this year provides a great opportunity for postgraduate students to refine their options when thinking about education beyond high school. A postgraduate year is a great way to improve, enhance or refine academic skills and/or build a students athletic profile to prepare for collegiate athletics.

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