The Mastery Approach

Tilton School approaches teaching, learning, and living through an integrated curriculum we call The Mastery Approach.

The Mastery Approach is a customized learning process that reflects the very best in curriculum design, asking students to learn essential skills, explore all aspects of the community in which they live, and make choices about their own learning. The Mastery Approach provides opportunities for students to show their strengths, explore their interests, and discover their own potential. It comprises three major features:



Content knowledge and critical skills, delivered in not-so-traditional Academic Classes across six departments:

  • Arts
  • English
  • History and Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science 
  • World Languages



Essential Skills

Essential Skills teach beyond content and equip students for a lifetime of self-directed learning:

  • Inquiry
  • Creation
  • Communication
  • Mindfulness
  • Play

Areas of Self Discovery

Encompassing all aspects of school life at Tilton—and leveraging the unique power of our residential campus—five Areas of Self Discovery ensure that students push the boundaries of their own learning:

Even as the Mastery Approach represents the very best in curriculum design, we recognize that each student is on their own path.  Tilton believes in the potential of each individual, a belief we live every day through our personalized learning program.

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The mastery Approach balances a traditional content-based curriculum with a forward-looking skills-based curriculum—and it leverages the unique value of tilton's residential learning community.

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