Learning Theme: Discovery of community

Essential Questions: What is community? What is our role within a community?

Students in the 10th-grade are encouraged to orient their thinking, research, questions, and discoveries toward the goal of understanding how their individual actions make a difference in both local and global communities.

We help our students find their place and role within local communities and eventually in the global community. This is achieved through integrated academic and grade-level programming. Throughout the course of the year students will actively participate in community-needs assessments to create community-building events both at Tilton School and within the local community.

All sophomores work one-on-one with a college counseling advisor to highlight their interests and skills in preparation for finding the right fit at a higher-education institution.

Elements of the 10th-grade program include:

  • The development of an in-depth personal profile;
  • Connecting with outside partners for events and community-building projects;
  • Enhancing the Tilton School community by planning on campus events;
  • Large-scale group projects including Cardboard Boat Races and a Rube Goldberg project.

The Cardboard Boat project gave our students a chance to try something new. We focused on our skills of collaboration and critical thinking. We also have a number of students who had never been sledding before, so it introduced them to something completely new!

- Ellissa Popoff, Grade Level Leader

At the end of the year, each student will create and run their own signature event, using the skills and knowledge gained from their earlier community event experience. Students will reflect on each step of the process to create a profile that will carry them into their 11th-grade year.

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