All schools teach through content-driven courses. But Tilton goes further, pushing students to learn essential skills, encouraging them to explore areas of self-discovery—and providing expert guidance all along the way. We call our program the Mastery Approach, and it's designed to leverage the unique opportunities of boarding school to ensure that students are learning modern, relevant skills through every aspect of campus life. In classrooms, studios, and laboratories—in dormitories and even on the playing field—Tilton students are encouraged to choose the path that is most engaging and exciting for them. Explore the program's three major components:

Essential Skills

Essential Skills teach beyond content and equip students for a lifetime of self-directed learning.

Self Discovery

Encompassing all aspects of school life at Tilton—and leveraging the unique power of our residential campus—five Areas of Self Discovery ensure that students push the boundaries of their own learning.


Every student is different, and our personal approach brings expert guidance to every aspect of the student experience.

The Mastery Approach represents the very best in curriculum design, and it allows us to unlock the unique learning potential of each Tilton Student.

Jamie '20

For the first time ever, I feel like I am at the center of my education. Each and every faculty member devotes their time to you and your growth which truly pays in full. If you are ever in need of help, of any kind, there is never a shortage of people to come to your aid.