Summer Work

As we transition from the school year into summer, we focus on preventing summer learning loss and making sure our students are prepared for the start of the school year in the Fall. Summer learning loss, also known as “summer slide” or “brain drain,” is a phenomenon that affects all grade levels. During the break, students begin to lose academic ground and spend the beginning of the next school year re-learning material.

Our summer reading unites the student body upon return and is discussed in a variety of ways during class time, advisory, and more. For those taking AP classes in the Fall, the work starts in the summer. 

Summer reading

For the last several years, Tilton School has partnered with Portland, Maine’s Telling Room for its summer reading & writing projects. Tilton’s academic program has shared the Telling Room mission to empower students through writing and sharing “their voices with the world..., and to build confidence, strengthen literacy skills, and provide real audiences for our students.”

With this same vision in mind, Tilton School’s Summer, 2019 project steps away from our Telling Room partnership and turns our attention back to New Hampshire with Wayne King’s 2017 novel Sacred Trust. The novel brings together a rag-tag group of environmental enthusiasts, from all ends of the political spectrum, who conspire against the construction of Granite Skyway, a power transmission project similar, if not identical, to the actual controversial project dubbed “Northern Pass.”

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AP Summer Work

Questions about your summer AP assignments? Teacher contact information is located at the top of each page.