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Understanding, Skills & Habits

Young People Have Within Them the Power to Change the World

The Tilton School Courses of Study begins with a simple premise: Young people have within them the power to change the world.  Tilton School teachers are dedicated to helping students build their own skill set with which they will lead others and the discernment with which they will navigate the pathways of positive and lasting change.  This discernment emerges from a robust and detailed understanding of concepts in the Arts, the Humanities and the Sciences.  From the daily practice of five essential skills and habits emerge the rhetorical and creative energy along with the personal and ethical desire to lead change and to make a difference:

Critical Thinking & Decision Making
Creative Engagement
Innovation & Design Thinking
By targeting these skills and habits of the 21st century leader, the Tilton School academic program builds self-directed learners, confident in their abilities, enthusiastic about their own growth in college and beyond, and eager to engage in the life of their community!