Affording Tilton

Tilton School is sensitive to the sacrifices many families must make when they assume the financial commitment of an independent school education, but we are firmly committed to helping you afford this choice. The vast majority of financial aid at Tilton School is awarded based upon financial need. See detailed information on how to apply for Financial Aid at the bottom of this page.
More than 40% of Tilton families receive financial assistance from Tilton in the form of need-based financial aid and/or merit scholarships

Merit Scholarships

Financing Options

In an effort to provide families with additional funding options, we refer families to Springstone Financial LLC. Springstone Financial offers budget-friendly fixed rate loans with affordable monthly payments extended up to several years. 

We work with School and Student Services to determine financial need. Families complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) through SSS to provide information relevant to family size, income, and expenses.

Adhering to the guidelines and deadlines detailed below will ensure that your financial aid application is submitted properly. Families wishing to apply for financial aid should make sure they review this information carefully. Financial aid that is awarded as a grant or merit award does not have to be repaid.

No Tuition Increases

Our enrollment contract is unique: for each consecutive year a student is enrolled at Tilton School, tuition will be frozen at the initial contracted amount through graduation. 

“Eliminating the unknown increase in percentage of tuition each year offers a relief to our family—allowing us to plan ahead and has made a positive impact on our family finances.”
—Dave P’22


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The Parents' Financial Statement for the next year opens in October with financial aid applications accepted on a rolling basis no later than February 1. Provided the PFS is completed on time, families of newly accepted students will receive financial aid award decisions by March 10. After this date, financial aid awards will be made on a funds-available basis. Please take care to provide complete and accurate information on the PFS; errors and omissions will cause delays that may reduce or prevent an award.  Please download a detailed Financial Aid Application checklist

Special Instructions for Financial Aid Applications