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Financial Support

Tilton School is sensitive to the sacrifices that many families must make when they assume the financial commitment of an independent school education. We expect families or extended families to take primary responsibility for the cost of a student’s education, but we are firmly committed to helping families afford this choice. More than forty percent of Tilton families receive financial assistance from Tilton in the form of need-based financial aid and/or merit scholarships.
The philosophy behind Tilton School’s financial aid policies and practices is to create a balance between affordability for families and the enrollment needs of the School, while adhering to the school’s mission. We are committed to awarding the vast majority of aid based upon the family’s financial need. However, before making an award, the Financial Aid Committee will also consider other criteria, including but not limited to academic performance, potential for athletic contribution, citizenship, leadership, diversity within the student body, and other qualities that may help create a healthy School and enrich the experience of the student body as a whole. Under these considerations, some qualified candidates for admission to the School who demonstrate need may be accepted without being granted a merit or need based financial award.

In an effort to provide families with additional funding options, we refer families to the following extended loan payment programs. These programs divide educational costs into affordable monthly payments extended up to several years. Please refer to the following websites: