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Financial Support

How to Apply

Adhering to the guidelines and deadlines detailed in the “Timetable for Applying for Financial Aid” will ensure that your financial aid application is submitted properly. Families wishing to apply for financial aid should make sure they review this information carefully. Financial aid that is awarded as a grant or merit award does not have to be repaid.

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  • Timetable for Applying for Financial Aid

    Tilton partners with School and Student Services (SSS) to assist in determining financial need.  Families complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) through SSS to provide information relevant to family size, income, and expenses. The 2019-2020 PFS will open October 2, 2018 and families can apply online in the Family Portal at solutionsbysss.com. Financial Aid applications are due February 1, 2019.
    • Access the 2019-2020 PFS online at solutionsbysss.com;
    • New users will create a PFS Online account with your e-mail address and a password of your choice. Returning users can simply log in as a Returning Family using your e-mail address and password from the previous year.  Please keep your login credentials in a secure location for future use;
    • As you begin a PFS for Academic Year 2019-20, list Tilton School (school code #7678) as a recipient of the analysis;
    • Estimate your income and expenses for 2019;
    • Explain any unique or concerning circumstances;
    • Upload your tax documents to your PFS:
    - 2017 and 2018 W2s (Canadian applicants 2017 and 2018 T4s)
    - 2017 Federal Income Tax return(s), signed, with all 2017 schedules and statements (Canadian applicants 2017 T1(s))
    - 2018 Federal Income Tax return(s), signed, with all 2018 schedules and statements.  If your current tax year return will not be completed by the deadline, please provide it when it is completed* (Canadian applicants 2018 T1(s))
    - If your student is required to file a tax return for the current tax year, please provide a copy of this tax document
    - Business tax return(s) and balance sheet(s) (if you own any part in a farm, sole proprietorship, partnership, S-Corporation) – IRS Schedule K-1, Form 1065, Form 1120, and/or Form 1120S
    Countries Other Than the United States and Canada:
    • A copy of your most recent income tax report;
    • Earnings statement from your employer;
    • Three (3) consecutive months or your most recent bank statements.
    *NOTE:  All financial aid awards based on only the prior year tax return will be contingent upon Tilton School receiving a signed copy of your final return for the current tax year. Awards may be revised upon receipt of this document.
    Although electronically uploading required documents to SSS is preferred, you do have the option to submit required documents to SSS by mail. To submit documents by mail:
    • Log into the Family Portal and click on the “My Documents” tab in the upper right corner. 
    • Click the “Print Cover Sheet” link on that page to print the customized cover sheet that will provide mailing instructions as well as regular and overnight mail addresses for SSS. 
    • Make sure to mail your documents to SSS at least 10 days before the February 1 deadline.     
  • International Families

    International families, other than Canadian, must complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) and submit it as detailed above. International families must also provide documentation that verifies their financial information. Examples of required documentation would be tax forms if available, a statement from employer and an income statement. International families should adhere to the deadlines outlined above.

    International families must also complete the International Student Financial Aid Profile and provide documentation verifying financial information. This form must be uploaded to the documents section of the PFS.
  • Policy for Divorced or Separated Families

    The School considers the assets and income of both natural parents, if living, before making any awards, and cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses. If either parent has remarried, Tilton also considers the financial circumstances of the stepparent, always bearing in mind the obligation of that stepparent to his/her natural children. Both natural parents with their current spouses, if any, must complete a PFS and submit all of the documents outlined in the above timetable. The custodial parent is responsible for asking the non-custodial parent to fill out this form. Information provided by either of two divorced parents will be held in confidence by the School. Naturally, each separated or divorced case is unique and may require further clarification and communication with the Financial Aid Office. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your situation.
  • Notification of Award

    Provided they have met the deadlines outlined above, families of newly accepted students and returning students will receive financial aid and merit award decisions shortly after March 10.

    After this date, financial aid awards will be made on a funds-available basis under the above guidelines. Please take care to provide complete and accurate information on the PFS; errors and omissions will cause delays that may reduce or prevent an award.