Tuition for seven-day boarding students includes room and board as well as academic, athletic, and community programs. Five day boarders have identical program, but with the expectation that they would not be present on campus most weekends. Day student tuition substitutes a day student room for a dormitory room and general expectations that students depart campus before dinner each evening.
  • 7-Day Boarding: $66,925
  • 5-Day Boarding: $58,925
  • Day: $38,500

International Student Fee

This fee is for all students whose principal address is outside the United States and Canada. It covers special expenses incurred in communicating and assessing the needs of international students.

  • $1,750

ACADEMIC SUPPORT, English as a second language, AND Academic COACHING:

Through both required and optional enrollment in our Center for Academic Achievement (CAA), students receive personal instruction and support tailored to their unique needs in Reading and Writing, Math, Time Management, Organization and Study Skills, and English language support for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). 

The program is designed to support students with personalized sessions ranging from twice to four times per week throughout the academic year. The CAA director can help you select the frequency of sessions to best meet your learning needs and goals. Please email if you are interested in registering.

  • Two sessions per week: $7,380
  • Four sessions per week: $14,700 

Tuition Refund Plan

The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is an insurance plan that protects a portion of the unused tuition in the event that a student leaves the School prior to the end of the academic year because of dismissal or withdrawal. Refunds from TRP first address any outstanding balance a family may have with the School.

The fee for TRP is 2.2% of adjusted tuition. Adjusted tuition is defined as the tuition less Tilton School Financial Aid. TRP is optional only if tuition is paid in full by July 1st. If the monthly plan option is selected, TRP is mandatory and is included in your bill.  

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We chose Tilton School because we felt a connection from the first moment we arrived on campus. Our daughter has blossomed; the rigor of scheduled study halls, the academic support and the warmth of the faculty and staff have made a huge difference in her academic and personal growth. 

- Current Parent

Enrollment Deposit

The enrollment deposit is non-refundable and credited toward the first tuition payment. Families pay 20% of the tuition balance as an enrollment deposit, rounded to the next highest $100.

Tuition Payment Plans

Payment Plan A

In Plan A, families may elect to make full payment of tuition fees by July 1. For these families, the Tuition Refund Plan is optional.

Payment Plan B

Plan B provides a schedule of 8 payments beginning in May and concluding in December. Plan B provides this schedule of payments through FACTS Management Services. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is required.

This plan is not available for international families.

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