Why PG?

Often times when visiting an independent school with postgraduate programs students and families remark that it feels like visiting a college campus. This is true because many of the same resources and opportunities exist, however, our environment is designed with more structure and support than colleges to help the student develop the skills related to independence both academically and socially.

A postgraduate year allows students to develop maturity by living on their own in a structured environment. At independent, and more specifically boarding, schools students learn to advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their school work and life without their parents direct guidance. This opportunity allows students to learn what it means to manage their time and take care of personal items like time management, laundry and other essentials of life on campus.

Each student has a team of adults around them including dorm parents, advisors and teachers who assist them in structuring their time and priorities.

Sara '19, Dominican Republic

Being at Tilton was an unforgettable experience. I made great friendships with people from all over the world; I started being more comfortable with myself and challenged myself to learn a new sport. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I decided to attend school so far away from home. I now have so many close friends here and Tilton feels like my home.


Part of the reason is that students aren't ready for independent college life. Quality preparation to understand what it means to be independent, manage their time, and flourish away from home is necessary.

National Center for Education Statistics

The benefits of a postgraduate year

Personalized Advising and Guidance

Both the College Counseling program and the advisory program start from the moment of acceptance with designing a program targeting the goals for each postgraduate students experience. 

Each student works with a College Counseling advisor on questions about course selection, NCAA clearinghouse standards, college placement and applications. College Counseling professionals are committed to a personalized program which begins with orientation after high school graduation to ensure that each student is well known and has a plan for the process.

Students at Tilton are also placed with an advisor who they will meet with weekly in their advisory groups of 6-8 students and on an individual one-on-one basis. A students advisor is a resource for academic program questions, tips on navigating life on campus, and as a home away from home.

Academic Focus and Improvement

A postgraduate year can develop a student's academic profile significantly by selecting courses that best reveal their strengths and skill set. Coupled with the maturity that comes from an extra academic year, postgraduate students build their academic skills and are able to showcase their strengths. Tilton School provides opportunities for students to compete athletically, travel for community service and even participate in independent learning experiences (ILEs) with the guidance of faculty mentors. Our Mastery Approach allows students to focus in and elaborate on their strengths while also working on areas for improvement. 

Athletic Development

Tilton School athletics provide an opportunity to build a students athletic profile and refine skills they feel need improvement in order to play a sport in college. The extra year of training can also help players improve their strength, agility, and overall mastery of a sport. A postgraduate year can provide additional opportunities needed to maximize a students athletic potential and character development.