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    • Raku Firing
The ceramics studio, located on the entry level of the Arts Center, is home to eight wheels and two kilns.  There are also large tables throughout for clay preparation and detal work.  

It is here where students first learn to explore clay media, wheel throwing and hand construction techniques.  Inspired by their teacher - a master potter - students often choose to explore both Foundations of Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics, and it is not uncommon to find a student putting in some extra time to perfect a piece during a free period.  

The final products are displayed annually at Tilton’s two art shows in January and May.  Campus display cases throughout campus also include many student and alumni pieces. 

Course Highlight - Advanced Explorations in Ceramics

For students with a background in basic Ceramics, this course provides opportunities for explorations in working with clay media and techniques, including ceramic sculpture, tile making, stoneware, Raku, and collaborative forms.  Students will work specifically with the hand building process and will allow students to develop ideas based on contemporary culture as well as traditional clay forms and methods. The sculpture process will include: pinch and coil building, extrusion and slab construction methods.