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Dance education provides students with a means of learning the expression of ideas and emotions through disciplined and creative movement of the body.  But it is not just learning how to dance; dance education provides students with a means for developing, practicing and applying skills of critical thinking, creative expression, creative problem solving and communication through body and gesture.  The language of dance is both practiced and studied, as students also develop knowledge and understanding of the origins of dance as an art form in various cultures and historical times.  

Our students dance in a recently-built studio in the lower level of Skinner Tower.  In addition to Dance Workshops, students can elect to dance as part of an afternoon activity, our +5 Exploration activity, or as an Independent Learning Experience (ILE).

Course Highlight - Dance Workshop

Students will learn to identify and demonstrate dance movement elements and skills in performing dance in a range of standard dance genres, including modern dance, ballet, jazz, and improvisational, and to identify and use principles of planning and executing dance principles in choreography.  Students also learn how to recognize and employ dance as a way to create and communicate meaning.  As an ancient art form, dance transports us to different cultures through space and time; student will learn how to recognize and demonstrate dance in various cultures and historical periods.  The practice of dance also provides opportunities for sustained and healthy physical exercise.  Students will learn and implement the connections between dance and healthful living and will be able to understand and apply the connections between dance, exercise, sports and athletics.  Finally, students will come to appreciate that dance provides possibilities and opportunities for communication, by integrating new media and technologies in dance performance art, by developing and demonstrating confidence in using the body in motion to communicate, and through understanding the role of music and rhythm in dance.