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Filmmaking by its very nature is project based, making this area of the arts one of the most collaborative at Tilton.  Students are able to demonstrate their skills by creating projects in sound design, set design, lighting scenes, acting and direction, writing scripts, pitching stories, creating budgets, and editing footage.  The group experience is an important aspect of filmmaking. It takes all kinds to create a video, film, movie, commercial, or show. Filmmakers work together to tell the idea or story of a script. The more varied and diverse the team of artists is, the richer the product. The nature of this art form, being shared and viewed by an audience helps to build and enrich community experience.

Course Highlight - Filmmaking Foundations

In this introductory level class, students have the opportunity to explore all aspects of the creative process in video production. Students will learn to write, perform, design, direct, record, edit, and produce their own productions. Time will be spent learning an assortment of skills such as script writing, video and sound recording, acting for the camera, lighting and setting shots, and editing footage.  This course threads the gap between the visual and the performing arts. Core understandings of the course include the following ideas; filmmaking is a team sport; a good story is not enough; it must be well told; like all other art forms, film is transformative, changing both the artist and the audience; filmmaking requires discipline and it also requires playfulness; in the contemporary world, film and video are everywhere, incorporate every aspect of life and are extraordinarily powerful vehicles of cultural change.