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Graphic Arts

Course Highlight - Graphic Design: Advertising and Commercial Design

The introduction to this course shares the basics of the Graphic Art course, but with a focus on a more practical and commercial approach to creativity: creating objects and graphic images to meet the needs of individuals and enterprises.Class activities include assignments and projects that focus on how to assess, plan for and accomplish meeting the wishes and demands of the commercial world for visual imaging. Understanding of art and the production process needed to satisfy the customer will be a major focus.At the end of the semester the students will create their final portfolio, using both Photoshop and InDesign, emphasizing the need for skillful graphic artists to develop flexibility in understanding and using a variety of digital tools to accomplish their artistic goals, and meet the need of their customer.
Tilton’s state-of-the-art Graphics Art lab, located on the second floor of the Art Center, is one of the most impressive spaces on campus.  The fully-equipped lab includes 12 iMac computers with both Adobe Photoshop and inDesign. Students in Graphic Art & Design classes will have the opportunity to look at their work in print and learn what the difference is to see art work on the screen, or printed on a professional Ricoh MP 3300 color laser printer.  Another unique opportunity for the students is to see their work in our art shows, printed on canvas or watercolor paper in large format on the Canon imagePROGRAF, iPF8400  The technical assets of the lab, combined with the project-based assignments of the courses, make Graphic Arts one of the most popular classes on campus for upperclass students.  

The Graphic Arts Lab is also used each year to produce Tilton’s Yearbook.  Students looking to pursue a career in graphics arts often gain pre-professional experience in this afternoon activity where students can specialize in photography in any number of production areas.