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Studio Arts

Studio Arts classes are open to students in grades 10 through postgraduate and are now offered as a semester options, giving students the opportunity to engage in more classes.  

Offerings in the Studio Arts include Exploring Abstract Art, Three-Dimensional Art and Drawing & Painting Fundamentals - just to name a few!  Students also have the opportunity to further immerse themselves in the Studio Arts by selecting it as an afternoon activity during the fall season.  Projects are completed on an independent or group basis.  

Studio Arts classes are appropriately held in the brightest and most creative space on campus. Our Arts Building, located near the Library, uses its unique architecture to join together old and new. Graphic Arts and Ceramics courses are also offered in the same building.

Course Highlight - Creating Three-Dimensional Art

This course is about learning and practicing the different elements of three dimensional art works. Students will learn how to work from sketches and studies to create models, and then transform models into final work. Students will explore and experiment with different forms of three dimensional projects such as relief, free standing, hanging, addition process, subtraction process, installation and collaborative work. Students will be challenged creatively and critically and will learn how to communicate about their own work as well as the work of others.