integrity, sportsmanship, and sacrifice.

Tilton’s athletic program is committed to a quality experience, highlighted by commitment, hard work, pride and teamwork. We encourage students to push themselves beyond known boundaries, regardless of knowledge or ability.

The importance of integrity, sportsmanship, and sacrifice in a competitive environment are at the core of our program. A student’s personal growth within athletics allows them to realize the difference between being interested and being committed. 

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On Hard-Work and Perseverance

When I use the term 'hard-workers' to describe our student-athletes, I am talking about more than just their drive and tireless effort. I'm talking about the hard work it takes juggling homework, friendships and other commitments while still finding the time to remain at the top of their game. I'm talking about the never-ending pursuit of achieving the goals they put in place for themselves academically and athletically.

I'm talking about separating themselves from the rest of the pack; to not just be someone who played, but someone who left their mark.

Tara Brisson, Athletic Director

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Tara Brisson

Tara Brisson

Director of Athletics
School: 6032861715
Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Assistant Dean for Student Life and Assistant Director of Athletics, Head Coach, Varsity Girls' Lacrosse
School: 6032861776
Chuck Carter Jr

Chuck Carter Jr

Head Athletic Trainer, Science Faculty
School: 6032861774
Pamela deVeaux

Pamela deVeaux

Assistant Dean for Student Life and Dorm Head of Maloney
School: 6032861816

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