Boys' Junior Varsity B Basketball


The junior varsity B basketball team is looking to have yet another action-packed season. Practices will include individual skill work, sportsmanship, and teamwork. They will also feature lots of scrimmaging, lessons on different aspects of the game, and activities to keep it fun for all.


  • Head Coach


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Bo Ao
Daniel Brant
Zachary Brooks
Jingshen Chen
Xinqin Hao
Shaoyi Li
Ziyu Liang
Xuan Liu
Samuel Mattes
Tobias Patterson
Petr Poklop
Hiler Ruggles
Yixiao Sun
Chengqi Tao
Sutton Ursillo
Pattaraphon Wichitrakanlikit
Yiyun Yao
Xixian Zhang
Ziang Zhang

Prospective Athletes

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