Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball


Tilton’s boys’ JV basketball team offers an opportunity for many of Tilton’s male student-athletes to compete against other junior varsity teams in the region. Designed as a development program, the team is traditionally comprised of younger players looking to use the JV experience to prepare for a future with the varsity team. The Tilton School basketball program is committed to the JV program and players are expected to practice each day with enthusiasm and pride.


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#1 Jet Wang Laconia, NH 2022

#3 Nick Ni Zhejiang, China 2022

#5 Josh Manickam Littleton, MA 2022

#10 Will McKinnon Methuen, MA 2022

#11 Jack Twarog Franklin, MA 2022

#12 Max Burt Waterford, VT 2022

#14 Dan Dai Zhejiang, China 2021

#15 Jay Guo Beijing, China 2022

#20 Michael Shen Hubei, China 2020

#21 David Li Beijing, China 2020

#23 Andy Sendashonga Burlington, MA 2021

#24 Logan Ruggles Tilton, NH 2020

#32 Tanner Crowley Franklin, NH 2023

#33 Jim Zhang Zhejiang, China 2020

#34 Kai Rose Vineyard Haven, MA 2021

# Name
1 Jet Wang
3 Heyang Ni
5 Joshua Manickam
10 William McKinnon
11 Jack Twarog
12 Max Burt
14 Zhongyuan Li
15 Renjie Guo
20 Xuanyu Shen
21 Heng Dai
23 Andy Sendashonga
24 Logan Ruggles
32 Tanner Crowley
33 Yuji Zhang
34 Kai Rose

Prospective Athletes

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