Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball


The girls’ JV basketball team is an integral component to the successful basketball program at Tilton School. The coaching staff works with players to develop the technical and individual playing skills necessary to compete at the varsity level. 

Like their counterparts at the varsity level, Tilton girls’ JV basketball players are encouraged to work hard to develop the academic and life skills essential to success in college and in life including sportsmanship, cooperation, leadership, respect and personal responsibility.


  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach


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# Name Position Hometown
4 Yin Lu guard
10 Hangjing Li post
11 Allison Andrews guard
11 Olivia DeMatos (captain) guard
12 Ella Dion guard
13 Sointu Ahola post
14 Yixiao Du guard
15 Alexandria Garside (captain) swing
20 Caitlin Connelly guard
21 Yue Lei post
22 Grace DeMatos post
23 Marisa Ritter guard
24 Siyu Fei post
32 Julia Dolpies post
33 Jasmine Filter post
Xiangrun Chen Manager
Joyce Jiang Manager

Prospective Athletes

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