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Patiently Awaiting Future Rams

Alexandra Molloy
Two very important days are now behind us: Accepted Student Welcome Days. More than 45 accepted students and their families joined us on the Hill for an in-depth look at what it’s like at Tilton School.
They had their picture taken with Rusty Ram, participated in a student group session with our Admission Ambassadors, taste tested the food in our dining hall, found out more information about student life, residential life, and athletics. It is difficult to portray what life is like on campus in a short 5-hour span but we believe our enthusiasm and love of the school radiates throughout the day.
The goal of our Accepted Student Welcome Days is to provide opportunities for each student and family to speak with our community members, ask questions, and explore the feeling of “is this where I can feel comfortable?” It’s about showing off who we are, what it’s like to be a part of this community and our love of Tilton School.
Our students are the ones who make the accepted students and families feel, hopefully, at home on our campus. We never know exactly what they will share but we know it will be something that is important to them. We trust our students and know they will provide a truthful, authentic experience. We can only hope that it resonates with the student and family they are sharing it with.
Tilton is about the people. Yes, we have athletics. Yes, we have academics. We have a dining hall and we have residence halls. But most importantly, we have the faculty, staff, and students who make Tilton, well, Tilton.
Our accepted students have a hard decision to make as they are typically accepted to multiple schools. Today marks the day when we find out who our #futurerams will be as commitments due today. We look forward to seeing you on the Hill!