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Navigating Character and Vision with Grade Level Programming

Sarah O'Neill
Tilton School has set out to change the way Grade Level Programming is defined. By allowing students to explore their own personal interests and skills, all grades are encouraged to actively develop their role within the local and global community. At the very core of this belief is an integrated teaching approach that is both cross-discipline and grade-specific.

The Grade Level Programs bring teams of teachers together with students to solve problems, think deeply and work together to navigate their world with character and vision.

Part of this journey is that every Saturday, students are introduced to a new idea or skill set which are then explored in more detail once a month. Some of these lessons are explored in the classroom, while others include activities within the community. This past weekend (Saturday, April 14th), faculty shared their passions with 9th-grade students while 10th graders were taken on excursions.

Check out what the different groups did and how much fun everyone had! Photos included in the slideshow on the right of this page.

April 14, 9th Grade - Faculty Sharing a Passion

  • Mr. Ruggles P'18 took a group to explore custom car building 
  • Ms. Mann and Ms. Juurlink took a group to Evo Rock indoor rock climbing gym in Concord
  • Mr. Wyrick and students took photos around campus and developed them in the darkroom

April 14, 10th Grade - Community Excursions
  • Ms. Love, Mrs. Saliba P'17, 19, and students helped get Maloney Memorial Garden ready for spring.
  • Mr. Tefft led a group cleanup at the Franklin Humane Society.
  • Ms. Popoff and Mr. Saliba P'17, 19 set up an orienteering course. Armed with a map and compass’, students found their way to various checkpoints.
  • Mr. McMahon took his group to Heritage Farm for Sugar Shacking and fluffy baby goats!
  • Mrs. McCandless taught a Life Skills workshop, which including cook breakfast!
  • Mr. Losardo’s group created and participated in a live Pac Man game in the M.A.R.C.