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2018 +5 Celebration and Awards

Sarah O'Neill
Tilton’s +5 Program exposes students to a wide variety of opportunities designed to strengthen sense of community, sharpen leadership skills, enrich academic life, help gain practical knowledge and ignite passions.
Friday, April 20th marked the Tilton School +5 Program Awards, held in Fred Andrew Smart Chapel on campus.
For the celebration, faculty members in charge of specific programming pick one or more students who have shown exemplary skill and dedication in the field. This year’s +5 ceremony was especially significant because it marked the last for Mrs. Elaine DeRigo, who has served as +5 Program Director for the past nine years. Mrs. DeRigo and her husband, also a Tilton faculty member, are leaving New Hampshire for New York City this summer.
At the end of the ceremony, it is tradition to announce the winner of the Michael Baker Award. This recognition, dedicated in 1995 to former Tilton headmaster, is awarded to a student who fully participates in many areas of the +5 Program. This student  thrives when trying new experiences and is involved in a variety of opportunities. This year, former recipient Kiah Murphy ’11 served as our keynote speaker and handed off the award to this year’s winner, Queena Yuan ’19.
Kiah thrived at Tilton in a number of areas, particularly athletics, the outdoors program and community service. In her speech, she spoke about her journey into human rights activism and social change. This adventure began on the Hill, where she said her skills for accepting challenges and fighting adversity began to take shape. After Tilton, Kiah went on to earn her B.A. in International Development and Social Change from Clark University, and later a Master’s Degree in Social Development from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. In South Africa, she has spent the last several years studying and working for various human rights organization. Kiah dedicates a large portion of her activism to empowering young women and fighting violence against women and girls. She will be attending law school next year to become a Human Rights Lawyer.
During the ceremony, students, faculty, family, and friends were treated to special performances. Queena Yuan ’19 performed the song “Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell, Blaine Manning ’19 performed an Irish dance, and Mr. DeRigo performed “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by George Harrison. Head of School Mr. Peter Saliba closed out the ceremony, highlighting Mrs. DeRigo’s dedication and service to the +5 Program and the entire Tilton community.
Here is a full list of this year’s award recipients:
+5 Baker Award
Queena  Yuan ‘19
Outdoors – presented by Mr. Tyler McDougold
Jacob Wheeler ‘20
Visual – presented by Mr. Eric O’Neil
Isabelle Benoit ‘19
Todd Ding ‘19
Aybala Yilmaz ‘18
Zach Dutton ‘20
Olivia Hale ‘18
Spirit Award
Olive Lofblad ‘20
Music – presented by Mrs. Amy Morse & Mr. David Sheehy
Queena Yuan ‘19
Theater – presented by Mr. Jason Harrington
Sophie Burgess-Dunn ‘18
Anika Tullos ‘19
Health & Wellness – presented by Mr. Chuck Carter and Ms. Angela Juurlink
Tia Raspante ‘18
Gerard Marretta ‘18
Community Service – presented by Mrs. Julie Caldwell and Ms. Allison Rainville
Sarah Schartner ‘19
Ryan Flynn ‘18
Max Keef ‘20
Spirit Award
Olivia Patterson ‘19
Leadership – presented by Mrs. Jackie O’Rourke
Contributions in at least 1 area of Student Life
Meeka Bolduc ‘18
Ashlyn Brown ‘19
Sophie Burgess-Dunn ‘18
Maggie Callender ‘20
Jamie Cates ‘20
Kirsten Chandonnet ‘18
Casey Courmier ‘19
Ryan Flynn ‘18
Nicole Freddo ‘18
Nick Guarente ‘18
Doris Li ‘20
Blaine Manning ‘19
Gerard Marretta ‘18
Zoey Nash-Boucher ‘19
Cassie Nevers ‘19
Stephanie Nevers ‘19
Sarah Schartner ‘19
Karolina Tellman ‘18
Daniel Ton-That ‘20
Ryan Waring ‘19
  • For Contributions Athletics and Community Service - Callie Cook ‘18
  • For Contributions in the Classroom and as an Admissions Ambassador – Shayne Egleston ‘18
  • For Contributions in Student Government and Academic Activities- Bobby Hess ‘20
  • For Contributions in Student Government and Athletics - Owen McCuin ‘18
  • For Contributions in Student Activities and Athletics - Katie Ruggles ‘18
  • For Contributions in Athletics and Overall Enthusiasm - Abby Settlemeyer ‘18
  • For Contributions in Athletics and as an Admissions Ambassador - Tia Raspante ‘18

  • Outstanding Contributions in Athletics, Student Government and as an Admissions Ambassador - Maggie Clark ‘18
  • Outstanding Contributions as a Proctor and as an Admissions Ambassador - Trevor Frederick ‘18
  • Outstanding Contributions in Student Government (President) and Athletics- Izzy Moffroid ‘18
  • Outstanding Leadership in Theater, Classroom, and Athletics – Lovisa Werner ‘18
  • Outstanding Leadership in Student Government, Student Activities, Dormitory, and Community Service - Queena Yuan ‘19 
Significant Contributions
For Humanitarian Efforts During Hurricane Harvey – Maddie Vanderpool '18
+5 Committee Members
Abby Settlemeyer ‘18
Cheyenne Johnson ‘19
Logan Ruggles ‘20