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Grade Level Programming: Seniors Helping Seniors and Take Flight

Sarah O'Neill
Tilton’s Grade Level Programming bring teams of faculty together with students to solve problems, think deeply, and work together to navigate their world with character and vision. These teams were established with the goal of providing consistent and effective planning and operational vehicles for faculty who work with students at various developmental levels within the school.
Each grade level culminates with an opportunity for students to demonstrate, in authentic ways, the skills and knowledge that they have mastered during the course of the year. Part of this journey is that every Saturday, students are introduced to a new idea or skill set which are then explored in more detail during monthly excursions. Some of these lessons are explored in the classroom, while others are within the community.

On Saturday May 5th, Tilton seniors and post-graduates sponsored Seniors Helping Seniors. This is annual service project teams students up to assist local senior citizens who may be unable to perform simple tasks like raking, gardening, and general debris cleanup. The Tilton School crew split up into groups, with faculty members leading, and were each assigned a yard to work on. Some of the town residents visited on this day have been receiving assistance from this project for over 10 years.

Seniors Helping Seniors is organized and executed by Julie Caldwell, Tilton’s World Languages Department Chair, Spanish Teacher and Director of Community Service. Each year, Julie works in conjunction with the Tilton Senior Center and town hall to find senior citizens in need of the most help. Julie ensures, through tireless dedication, that the project is a success each year. Check out photos from the day on the right side of the page (or all the way to the bottom if you’re on your phone!).

While seniors and post-graduates participated in community service, sophomores visited Take Flight Aerial Adventure Park in Kittery, Maine. The course and zip line tours presented challenges, both mental and physical, at varying heights. Students traveled around the challenges in groups of two or three, building teamwork, problem-solving and having a blast!

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