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54 Students Celebrated at Prize Night

Alexandra Molloy
This year is the 154th Prize Night at Tilton School. The tradition of giving prizes started in 1864 – just two years after the School was burned to the ground and rebuilt across the river to where Knowles Hall is located today.
In the earliest years, the prizes were given during commencement and often included scholarships to support the School’s best and brightest to continue onto college – it’s the reason the night is called “Prize Night.” A lot has changed since then and our awards have come to reflect those qualities in our students that we honor and hold dear to us as a community.

In the months leading up to Prize Night, Dean Mike Landroche and Joy Jones did an exceptional job managing the prize selection procedure. They solicited input from faculty and staff, coordinated the process and took care of all the details that make the night special.

In addition to students and their families, a number of alumni were in attendance, as is tradition, to present Prize Night awards to recipients. Congratulations to the following students for their hard work, determination, and accomplishments in academics, athletics, arts, and community.

You can see the night in pictures here.

St. Michael’s College Award for “Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience”
Kimberly D. Parker ‘19 & Ziqi “Jacky” Li ‘19

R.P.I. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal
James R. Wills ‘19

The University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences  
Brigid A. Hosmer ‘19

University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award
Chenyu “Queena” Yuan ‘19

St. Lawrence University Book Award
Peter R. Saliba ‘19

Mount Holyoke Prize Book
Blaine E. Manning ‘19
Wellesley Prize Book
Olivia J. Patterson ‘19

The Smith College Book Award
Ashlyn N. Brown ‘19

The Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award
Sarah E. Schartner ‘19

The Harvard Prize Book
Eric B. Beckett ‘19

The Tommy Merrill Award                         
Kayley A. Hughes ‘18 & Cole A. Winkelmann ‘18

The Kenneth S. Hollingworth Prize
Isabel M. Moffroid ‘18 & Eric R. Pilcher ‘18

The Chester J. LaRoche Award
Madison E. Clark ‘18 & Marcus A. Zegarowski ‘18

Male Athlete of the Year
Ryan A. Waring ‘18

Female Athlete of the Year
Tia K. Raspante ‘18

The Fine Arts Prize
Madison A. Vanderpool ‘18 (Photography), Marco A. Anoro-Mengs ‘19 (Graphic Arts), Dominique M. Bolduc ‘18 (Studio Art), Ryan A. Waring ‘18 (Ceramics) & Anika R. Tullos ‘19 (Film)

The Hazel S. Kaufman Dramatics Prize
Sophie K. Burgess-Dunn ‘18

The Mabel M. Coons Music Prize
Jacob R. Losardo ‘18

The Hosea B. Burnham Prizes
These prizes, the gift of Dr. Hosea B. Burnham of the class of 1850, are awarded to students who excel in Mathematics and in the Sciences.

The Burnham Prizes in Mathematics
Bailey B. Vachon ‘21 (Algebra 1), Brenna H. Verran ‘20 (Geometry), XiYuan “Simon” Wang ‘21 & Teruhiko Hotta ‘20 (Algebra 2)               
The Burnham Advanced Math Prize
Yixiao “Andrew” Sun ‘20 & Chujie “Emily” Zhang ‘19

The Burnham Prizes in Science
Bailey B. Vachon ‘21 (Biology), Yiting “Eva” Pei ‘20 (Physics) & Hangjing “Doris” Li ‘20 (Chemistry)

The Burnham Advanced Science Prize
Chujie “Emily” Zhang ‘19

Mathematics Department Award
Sean T. Keegans ‘18
Dr. Denis Wang Science Department Prize
Lovisa M.C. Werner ‘18

The University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
Meiwen “Mabel” Shao ‘19

English Prize for Critical Insight & Creative Expression
Anika R. Tullos ‘19 & William D. Dahlquist ‘18

English Department Prize for Improvement
Justin D. Ehmann ‘21

The James R. Clements Award in Social Science
Samuel C. Alicea ‘18

The John W. Coons Prize
Anika R. Tullos ‘19

The American Psychological Association Awards for Academic Excellence in Psychology
Sophie K. Burgess-Dunn ‘18

Jason W. Perkins Prize
Olivia H. Hale ‘18 (Spanish) & C. Isabella Volinsky ‘18 (French)

The Donald Robert Dowling Prize
Eveline O. Auger ‘21
The Frederick M. Eaton Prize
Chuxiong “Eric” Zhou ‘18

The Mary E. Chadbourne Prize
Ryan A. Flynn ‘18
The Academic Dean’s Prize
Kayley A. Hughes ‘18

The Holton Prize
Bailey B. Vachon ‘21

The Scott R. Selvin Scholarship Award
Daniel T. Ton-That '20

The Erik Jacobsen Memorial Prize
Zoey E. Nash-Boucher ‘19

The Student Assembly Prize
Madison E. Clark ‘18
The William David Kimball Memorial Award
Sawyer F. Koster ‘18

The Faculty Awards
William D. Dahlquist ‘18, Trevor E. Frederick ‘18, Tia K. Raspante ‘18, Karolina A.L. Tellman ‘18 & Madison A. Vanderpool ‘18
The Class of 1972 Prize
Katherine A. Ruggles ‘18

The Headmaster's Prize
Gerard A. Marretta ‘18
(Presented by Brooks McQuade ‘04; Headmaster’s Prize recipient)

The Class of 1953 Prize
Callie C. Cook ‘18

The William Harrison Ulfelder Award
Maxwell J. Zegarowski ‘18

The Governor Carlton Skinner Award
Isabel M. Moffroid ‘18
(Presented by Leah Corson ‘15 and Clara Saliba ‘17)
The Class of 1965 Prize
Lovisa M.C. Werner ‘18
(Presented by Leah Corson ‘15, Mike Hastings ‘68, Stacey Varney ‘88, Maya Grant ‘09, Madeline Boles ‘13, Liv Orlando ‘17; Class of 1965 Prize recipients)
The John F. Thompson Memorial Award
Cole A. Winkelmann ‘18 & Abigail C. Settelmeyer ‘18
(Presented by John Morton ‘64, Dawne Paulhus ‘79, Tracey Dorr ‘80, Mark Fabian ‘93, Giulia Orlando ‘16; John F. Thompson Memorial Award recipients)
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