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How to Stay Active in the Off-Season

Tara Brisson
For student athletes, staying active during the off-season is a crucial part of a successful training regimine. During the summer, without coaches or teammates to push you, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Tara Brisson to the rescue!
Coach Brisson is Tilton School’s Athletic Director and Head Coach of the Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team. She knows a thing or two about successful training - this past 2018 season she led girls’ varsity basketball to a Lakes Region title, and a NEPSAC Class B Championship in 2017. She also practices what she preaches, out on the turf or in the gym daily. We asked Coach Brisson to share her top four tips for staying active during the off-season.

Do SOMETHING Every Single Day: Whether it's a tough workout in the gym, a run outside, skill work in the sport of your choice, or simply cross-training. Get up and move to keep your lung capacity and endurance where it needs to be.

Eat the Right Foods to Fuel Your Body: Athletes in training require the right fuel to get the most out of their workout. Ice cream and cookies shouldn't be included in that. I always tell my kids to make sure they are eating a healthy diet to get the most out of their workout. This includes lots of proteins, healthy fats and natural sugars.

Work Hard and Live Outside Your Comfort Zone: You will maximize your workouts by not holding back. If you're in the gym, go all out. You won’t see results by just going through the motions. You will see results by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

Train with Others: You can show your self motivation by training individual. But you can show your competitive self, as well as ability to work with others and as a team when you train with a group. You learn so much more about yourself when you work out with others. Strengths and weakness are revealed, especially the ones you would not notice with the blinders of training yourself on.

Looking forward to seeing all our 2018-2019 Rams in the fall! 
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