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How Boarding School Improves Sense of Community and Personal Growth

Sarah O'Neill
While prep and boarding schools like  Tilton offer top-notch athletic and academic opportunities, there is so much more to learn that can’t be taught in a classroom.  Building a sense of community and personal growth in high school students is one of the biggest advantages of educational institutes like Tilton School. Here are a few ways boarding school life enhances these qualities in young people.
Acceptance and Cooperation with Others
Boarding school communities are composed of a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Students quickly develop a strong feeling of comradery with individuals they may otherwise not be exposed to. With boarding school life, cooperation is a necessity. Campus is not only a place of education but a home. Living without a sense of community can become intolerable quickly, and it’s up to the students to enhance their living environment.
Expanding Personal Views
While attending a boarding school, students are exposed to peers with very different experiences from their own. A boarding student spends 24 hours a day, seven days a week with their classmates. This increases exposure to different cultures and ethnic groups, helping to develop a broader appreciation for peers different from themselves.
Unparalleled Communication Skills
Developing skills in communication is a necessity in order to succeed in academics as well as socially. Involvement in a number of activities, challenges in the classroom and encouragement from faculty and staff are just a few ways boarding school encourages students to find their voice. The interpersonal and social communication skills learned at boarding school will be carried long into adulthood.

Create Lasting Bonds
Boarding school helps foster an unparalleled bond between students. Friendships form quickly and are often times everlasting. The family-oriented, connected environment encourages these bonds to form and develop. Connections formed between students and faculty/staff are often of equal significant due to the 24/7, cultivating healthy student-adult relationships as well.

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