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Refocus and Recharge: How to Avoid the Dreaded "Burnout"

Angela Juurlink, M.Ed.
Now that Fall Family Weekend is behind us and winter looms right around the corner, the need to refocus and recharge is more important than ever.
Knowing what “burnout” is, how it can happen, and what can be done to prevent it is important! “Burnout” refers to a type of exhaustion that kicks in when an individual has been pushing too hard in more ways than one. Angela Juurlink, M. Ed., Tilton School Counselor, has some professional tips on staying balanced and ready to tackle each day.

  • Find Out What Works: Many students already do a great job in balancing out aspects of their life, so identifying what's working already and building on that is a great start. That being said, being honest about areas that need improvement is crucial.
  • Pace Yourself: Keep on top of work rather than letting it all build up. When we let work accrue, we can start to feel overwhelmed and simply stop tackling it. If that happens, break it up into reasonable amounts and tackle the smaller amounts one at a time.
  • Stay Healthy: This one is pretty basic, but it's essential to keep from burning out. Shutting down or silencing phones at a certain time before bed will prevent a lot of sleep loss and increase productivity. Getting daily physical activity in and eating well is also key in staying healthy and having the energy to make it to the next vacation.
  • Communicate: Tell your teachers if you are struggling before the paper is due. Use flex-time to get the extra help! It may not be what you feel like doing at 2:35, but you may be happier that you did at 8:00 p.m.
  • Know When to Say Something: Know when you are in over your head and talk with your advisor, a faculty member you trust, or the school counselor. Trusted adults can catch things before they get bigger and can help create a plan to get you back on track.
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