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The Future of Schools: Reclaiming What Matters

Alexandra Molloy
On October 30th, Tilton School joined White Mountain School and Julie Wilson from the Institute for the Future of Learning at Boston Public Library for a symposium on the latest innovation in teaching and learning.
To being, Julie Wilson addressed the crowd of 30+ parents, educational consultants, teachers and others about why schools like Tilton School and White Mountain School are changing the way they educate their students. The traditional, institutional way of educating students is not serving them adequately. Her book, The Human Side of Changing Education", states, “standardized test scores are the floor of school performance, not the ceiling.” Julie spoke to the immense tasks of innovation and adaptability schools must have now and in the future: “Schools today have the enormous task of educating student for an unknown future.”

Tilton School embarked on changing the way we are educating our students three years ago by redesigning the educational programming to incorporate five essential skills  into every class, program and co-curricular. We believe that when adolescents become truly aware of their own strengths and weaknesses they are more engaged in setting goals and paths that are meaningful to them. Tilton School assists our students in this self-discovery through the essential skills of Communication, Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Creative Engagement, Innovation and Design Thinking, and Mindfulness.

This collaboration and communication between Tilton School and White Mountain School shows the importance and enormity of the task of educating students for an unknown future. We aim to re-imagine classroom learning, as the "one size fits all" model of education is not meeting the needs of today's teenager.

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