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Student Spotlight: Imanni Wright '19

Sarah A. O'Neill
Every student’s journey to self-discovery is different. For some, a transitional year between high school and college is the best decision for their academic and/or athletic career as well as their personal path. This is the case for the 15-20 students who join the Tilton School senior class as postgraduate (PG) students each year. This highly-selective program admits students yearly based on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to a transitional year and their individual strengths and talents. These students partake in all commitments related to the 12th-grade program.
Imanni Wright ‘19 joined the RAMS this year as a PG from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She’s found her home on the Hill as a guard for the Girls’ Basketball Team, member of the Women’s Choir, talented photographer and avid writer. Imanni’s decision to take a transitional year was based on both academics and athletics, but she never imagined the impact Tilton School would have on her in such a short time.

“I decided if I went to prep school (for a year after high school), I could get my GPA up and get into better schools. Also, a PG year gives me another opportunity to get my standardized test scores up. It will allow me to grow athletically as a basketball player, and to get a little more time for recruiting. I love it here. I wish I was here earlier. ”

How does a girl from Michigan end up spending a transitional year in New Hampshire? Imanni’s brother, who goes to Amherst College and has many friends who attended boarding school, gave her the idea. She immediately started doing research. Based on both basketball programs and academics, she reached out to a number of schools. After touring the Tilton School campus, she felt right at home.

“The campus feels homey and the people here are super welcoming. The teachers have been great in helping to make sure I succeed. It’s been great to get away from home for college preparation. Now I know how it feels and I know how I handle being away from home. I’ve handled it pretty well! Better than I thought I would.”

Imanni has been playing basketball for seven years and at first it was just for fun, but in 7th grade she began to play seriously. Her goal is to play in college and to one day land herself an assistant coaching spot at a Division II or Division III university. Imanni credits Girls’ Varsity Basketball Coach Tara Brisson with having a significant impact on her life, even in the short amount of time she has been a student at Tilton. Coach Brisson is also Tilton’s Athletic Director and Imanni’s advisor.

“She doesn’t know the impact she’s had on me already… even though I haven’t really known her for that long. She’s so positive and helpful. She tells you the truth. She’s not fake or phony at all.”

Five years from now, Imanni hopes to be in grad school working towards becoming a professor of journalism. She’s taken note on a trend in the world of college journalism programs, where professors are mostly male and very rarely people of color. Her hope is to one day break that trend as a successful woman of color in journalism. As for location, her sights are set towards attending college and building a career out west in California.

When asked about her thoughts on her PG year so far, Imanni is extremely confident that she made a great decision, and implores any high school senior thinking about a transitional year to consider Tilton School. She credits the community, small class sizes, and attentive faculty with helping her flourish.

“This is the place to be. You have tons of resources, great people, and a great environment to learn and thrive. Everyone here wants you to thrive, you’re not just a number. People notice if you’re struggling and reach out. In my last school, the classes were big. No teachers would answer their email… here, I needed help with a photography assignment so I just texted Mr. Harrington and said: 'Hey, can I stop by?' I think it’s pretty cool that you can text your teachers and they respond. There’s no reason for you to not succeed at Tilton because you are given so many opportunities.”

For specific information on being a postgraduate, please contact our Admission Office at admissions@tiltonschool.org.
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