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A Summer Program Unlike Any Other

Sarah O'Neill
The Tilton School Summer Institute (TSSI) is a program unlike any other. From July 7-27, 2019 students ages 11-14 can be immersed in a unique summer experience. During three weeks spent on campus, students will be encouraged to build connections, try new things, explore passions, and form relationships while developing essential skills of work practice and study habits.
TSSI’s Discovery Tracks are various disciplinary specific programs that allow students to follow their instincts and passions. Through these tracks, students can discover who they are; what they excel at; and their learning style. Take a look below for a sneak peek into our Discovery Track programs.

Aerospace and Flight
Learn to fly
Students will use hands-on, project-based aerospace activities as they use the latest technologies to better understand aviation & flight physics using a mix of hands-on work, speakers, field trips, flight simulation, and orientation flights. Aerospace activities are the vehicle to demonstrate the interrelationships of STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math, to develop an awareness of the variety of careers in the aerospace career field.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
An exploration of AI
Utilizing the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, students enter into the world of engineering and robotics with Arduinos as they wire, build, and code their custom Creator Bots™ and unmanned aerial vehicles. Building and then coding are the goals of this Track, as students program their robot to conquer fun challenges and equip their creations with motors, light, sounds, sensors, claws and more!

Arts with Purpose
A project of Theatre, Dance, Music, and Production
In conjunction with OneLight Theater, Inc., the program begins with a well-known production. Along the way, students learn about all the elements that go into a successful script, blocking, set-design, lighting, music, choreography, and directing. Following the initial performance, they then design their next initiative at the TSSI that dives more deeply into their passion.

Cinematography and Videography
A message of ACTION
Imagination soars and then show the world what they can produce. Kids learn and understand camera movement and vocabulary; how to ‘hook’ their target audience watching out for production pitfalls; define characters, and leave their audience impacted. They will explore scriptwriting, video and sound recording, acting, lighting, art direction, and editing.

Design-Build: Village of the Future
The smart house works its magic
Students will learn what the most progressive communities are doing, then apply what works well to what their own Village of the Future. They will learn to communicate visions into a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Program, print models in 3D, scale up the most interesting parts to a full-size model and build out your vision as your project for the summer. Designers will for the most insightful aspects of your village, and combine your works.

Sustainable Planet
Farming For the Future and Culinary Culture
As our population approaches 8 billion people, our rising generations will be tasked with harvesting, feeding, and clothing on a scale unimagined in recent past. Sustainable Planet gives students an inside look at the farms of today and how they will need to change to meet the demands of the future.

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