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Tips for Planning A Graduation Party

Sarah O'Neill
With the first day of Spring fast approaching, we are preparing for the last sprint of the school year culminating with final exams and graduation. Warm weather will soon be here and time seems to fly by in the last few months of the school year. If you are a parent to a graduating senior, you will likely be thinking about a graduation party.
It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of your child, and no party is complete without food, decorations, and a few games to keep the crowd entertained. We’ve compiled a short list of considerations and ideas to help you get started with planning.

Party Size
Take into account not only family members but family friends and your child’s friends. Sit down with your child and compile a list of attendees together! 

Printed invitations are a great choice, but an easy shortcut if are digital invites. If your attendees are tech savvy and you have all of their emails, these can be sent either directly via email or through an online invitation service.

Date, Time, and Location.
Consider how close to graduation you want to host the party and how many other graduation parties may be at the same time. Check the weather, and if you’re planning to host the party at your house, you may want to look into a tent.

The most important part of every party. Buffets are always an easy way to go, either home cooked or catered. Simple foods that are easy to serve like pasta salad, cold appetizers, veggies, and sandwiches are the way to go. As for numbers, assume each person may have 3-4 servings of food. Keep plenty of beverages on hands, especially water.

Choose a Theme
Make it fun! You could celebrate the next chapter by using the colors of the school they will be attending in the fall. Displaying photos from their first day of school to their last is always a nice stroll down memory lane, or maybe your child is just a die hard Patriots fan.

Adults may be find just sitting and catching up, but kids need to be entertained. Try some of these ideas:
  • Photo booth! Buy a simple backdrop online or make one of your own. Make sure the backdrop is in a well-lit area and maybe even throw in some props. You can leave the setup for kids to take their own photos, or designate a photographer for the evening
  • Cornhole, ladder golf, a firepit, or giant Jenga are some great outdoor activities.
  • A “guest book” is a great way to hold onto the memories.  Cute idea: Instead of the traditional guest book full of names, grab a basket,  notecards, pens, and a sign that reads “Words of Wisdom” or “Words to live by.” Let your guests leave advice for your new graduate!

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