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6 Ways to Fight Summer Learning Loss

Sarah O'Neill
Summer Learning Loss happens when students are on summer break. Often times, the begin to lose academic ground and spend the beginning of the next school year re-learning material. If you’re looking to keep your child inspired to learn this summer, here are some ideas!
  1. Make Time for Learning
    Amidst the excitement that summer brings, set aside time for learning. This could be structured, like a weekly class or day camp, or it could be instigated by you as a parent when it works for your schedule. Not matter how you choose to go about summer learning, it should be engaging and fun!

  2. Focus on Specific Skills
    If your child needs help with reading and writing, focus on that! If it’s math they could improve in, work on that. By not overwhelming them with everything at once and focusing on one subject, they are able to gain confidence in an area where they didn’t feel it before.

  3. Explore Interests
    Are they into robotics? Performing arts? Design or ecology? Encourage their interests that exist outside of school. Often times, these activities indeed do involve many factors beneficial to learning, like problem-solving, reading, and math.

  4. Take Field Trips
    Get out into the world, but don’t stop there - engage. Take them to the zoo and talk about animal facts. Bring them to a nature center and talk about photosynthesis. Read with them at the library! An intentional change of scenery does wonders.

  5. Encourage Connections
    Social interaction, especially if your children are younger, is key to developing lasting healthy relationships. Make sure they have plenty of time to make new friends!

  6. Send Your Kids to Camp!
    One of the most effective ways to combat summer learning loss is to keep kids mentally engaged with a high-quality, summer learning program like Tilton School Summer Institute (TSSI). Through six different Discovery Tracks, students are encouraged to follow their instincts and passions into discoveries beyond themselves. The three-week day and overnight program is a purposeful exploration of a student's strengths, as well as areas for growth.

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