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MacMorran Scholars Second Semester 2017-2018

Alexandra Molloy
Based on second-semester grades, Tilton School has named its MacMorran Scholars for the second semester of 2017-18. Forty-six students in all were appointed to the list.
To qualify as a MacMorran Scholar, a student’s semester achievements must include High Honor Roll, Scholarly Effort Honor Roll and Excellence in Citizenship.

9th Grade MacMorran Scholars: Eveline Auger, Bailey Vachon, and XiYuan Simon Wang.
10th Grade MacMorran Scholars: Olivia Anastasy, James Cates, Payton Crowley, Justin Greenberg, Kamila Hecka, Madison Kirker, Yue Elina Lei, Hangjing Doris Li, Calvin Moffroid, Zekun Samael Mu, Yiting Eva Pei, Yixiao Andrew Sun, Daniel Ton-That, Brenna Verran, Ziang Jonasson Zhang, and Xiaofeng Jessica Zhu.
11th Grade MacMorran Scholars: Eric Beckett, Isabelle Benoit, Jacqueline Hill, Ziqi Jacky Li, Xingyao Lucy Lu, Mingqi Regina Ma, Nathaniel McCarvill, Kimberly Parker, Olivia Patterson, Sarah Schartner, Meiwen Mabel Shao, Xianzhi Elisa Sun, Anika Tullos, Jakob Wepman, Chenyu Queena Yuan, and Chujie Emily Zhang.
12th Grade MacMorran Scholars: Sophie Burgess-Dunn, Ryan Flynn, Qiuhao Charles Gu, Sihun Sam Han, Madison Vanderpool, Zixuan Jennifer Xu, Chuxiong Eric Zhou, and Zelun Zhuang.

Post-Graduate MacMorran Scholars: Joseph Glynn, Jacob Losardo, and Karolina Tellman.
MacMorran Scholars are named in honor of John F. MacMorran, who was Head of School from 1971–1982 and an educational leader committed to academic excellence. Tilton developed this program to recognize the scholarship and effort of Tilton students who achieve at the highest level. Students who meet the following criteria are recognized as MacMorran Scholars and have their names placed on a plaque in the main lobby of Plimpton Hall. These scholars have reached a high level of scholarship, effort and a commitment to meeting responsibilities, and they demonstrate the behavior of “good citizens” of the community. It’s the hope that all students at Tilton School will pursue these ideals.