The Tilton Experience

What is The Tilton Experience?

A uniquely powerful education journey for every Tilton Student that identifies their aptitudes, skills, interests, and learning styles and provides direct guidance and intentional opportunities to help them realize their power of potential.

The Tilton Experience.

Tilton Experience Kickoff

Inside a Design Team's Innovation Process

Design Thinking: Prototyping Workshop

TEx Mt. Vernon Visit September 2016

Design Team Orientation

Design Thinking Progression: Discovery to Synthesis

TEx Summer Institute August 2016

Members of the Tilton Experience Design Teams have traveled to the following locations as part of the research phase: 
  • Blue School
  • Berkeley Carrol School
  • Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Columbia University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Duke University
  • Northeastern University
  • NuVu Studio
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Southern California 

The Design Team Process

We are proud to be partaking in a new model for supporting design and innovation at schools.  Our work has brought together our community to collaborate in a way most schools only dream about.  Trustees, faculty and staff, students, parents, past parents and alumni are now sitting at the same table - with equal voice in the conversation - in "Design Teams" focused on key areas of education innovation.  Our Teams are working, often daily and through a variety of channels, on a set of design challenges that engage the school's stakeholders and some of the nation's - and world's - brightest educational thinkers.
Curious about the evolving Tilton Experience? Just ask us!  We love to talk about this work.  We're in year one of a long-term commitment to ongoing innovation and growth.  We hope you will follow along, and become part of this journey.    

On the Road with the #TSExperience

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  • Columbia University's "The Spiritual Child" Conference

    Columbia University hosted an event on its campus to bring leaders in education together to discuss educational practices and youth development initiatives to help young people thrive.  The Institute has a leadership role for a national and global conversation about the importance of spirituality in a variety of forms.
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  • Assessing the Learning That Matters Most

    Julie Wilson
    In early October I was honored to be invited to Tilton School to discuss assessment.  My friend and colleague, Grant Lichtman, is working with the Tilton board, faculty, administrators and students as they build capacity for long term organizational change. Grant suggested I make a trip north to meet the faculty, share the recent IFL ‘Assessing the Learning That Matters Most’ report, and facilitate a discussion with the team tasked with reimagining assessment.
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Our Partner

Grant Lichtman is a nationally-recognized thought leader.  For nearly 15 years, Lichtman was a trustee, chief of finance and operations, and teacher at Francis Parker School in San Diego, one of the largest independent schools in the United States. During a decade and a half of remarkable transformation at the school, he was either directly responsible for, or intimately involved in, strategic planning, program design, campus planning and redevelopment and many other school planning functions.  He graduated from Stanford University with a BS and MS in geology in 1980.  Lichtman is the author of two books: #EdJourney: A Roadmap for the Future of Education based on his first-hand research with dozens of schools and hundreds of K-12 educators; and The Falconer: What We Wish We Had Learned in School based on his seminar in strategic and creational thinking.

About Grant's Work